Who We Are!

we all would like to introduce ourselves.
Our names are Alfia, Julia, Lauren and Zoe, and we are all undergraduates of Early Childhood Studies (ECS) at Ryerson University.
We have started this blog to inspire all of you that are interested in the way to encourage creative thinkers.
We will be presenting a diverse range of activities that can help exercise the brain muscle responsible for your creativity.
Especially with the younger crowd of creative and innovative thinkers who posses that skill naturally.


Hey everyone, the name is Alfia as you probably can see. Besides for being in ECS and having the love for children, I also posses a love for ART! Art is my hobby, and my get away from everyday life. With art in our lives, it gives us the opportunity to think divergently and out of the box. Art is expression.



I’m Lauren and also a Ryerson ECS student! I love expressing myself through art by drawing, sketching and using my face as my own personal canvas. Art is therapy and I think everyone should have the chance to get lost in their own imagination.



Howdy! I’m Zoe and I am also a Ryerson ECS student. I am always day dreaming and have a pretty crazy imagination. Art is a great outlet for me to express my creativity and share my imaginative ideas.

jung 020


Im (Julia) and I am a Ryerson ECS student as well.  I really enjoy to appreciate arts and expreess my emotion through art by painting or schetching sometimes.  Art is also used to communicate things like stories or ideas and it helps to extend our imageantion and creativity.


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