Resources for you!

National Gallery of Art Kids Online!
This site is filled with lots of interactive art tools and games. Lots of fun and a great way to start creating!

This site has a special place in my heart and I can personally say I spent hours basically playing charades with other people from around the world. Its a great way to be creative as you think of ways to describe an action, person or place by using your drawing abilities.

Keri Smith is a local guerilla artist in Toronto. Feel free to check out her work and also learn the basics to become your own guerilla street artist!

Lindsay Zier-Vogelis another local guerilla street artist started the Love Letter Project. Check it out and even participate!

 Encouraging Self-Expression through Art
Here is a fantastic article to read. There are tips that can help you develop and nurture in the creative side to your children and also help in fostering their social and emotional development.

Artist’s Network
Interested in trying your hand at landscapes? Here is a great blog to get you started, complete with tips, tutorials, and or course, landscape pieces!

The Imagination Tree
This is a great blog with lots of cute and creative arts and crafts to help get your imagination growing.


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