Pretend Play- “Imagination”

My nephew really likes to play “make-believe play,” he is always pretending to be someone else such as Cowboy or Pirate like in the pictures above. He and his mom are making. building, and drawing what they need for the play such as tools and costumes with using recycles and everyday materials from home which just about everything that could have been thrown away. In this picture, they made cowboy costume and fake-horse with recycled papers and his own bicycle. They also made the ship and hat in the Pirate’s pretend play with using the color papers and milk boxes.
Pretend or make-believe play has been associated with children’s creativity, social and emotional development. Piaget and Vygotsky in particular contended that children learn constructively through their interaction with their physical, social and cultural environments and that make-believe play enhances their development. Moreover, using natural materials are encouraging open-ended and unlimited creative possibilities as well as developing problem solving, measurement, and hypothesizing skills.

by Jung-Im (Julia) Jung


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