Gian Lorenzo Bernini and How He is my Current Favourite Artist

the rape of proserpina Source: Pictify

When people think of the great Renaissance artists, names such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci first come to mind. Although these great artists created some of the most well-known and influential art of their time, I believe that Gian Lorenzo Bernini deserves credit as being one of the greatest sculptors and artist of the Renaissance. He has been my current favourite artist for a few years now and it is due to the realism and detail that is displayed in all of Bernini’s pieces.

To give some history, Bernini was a “Sculptor, architect, draughtsman and painter, son of Pietro Bernini. He is considered the most outstanding sculptor of the 17th century and a formative influence on the development of the Italian Baroque style. His astonishing abilities as a marble carver were combined with an inventive genius of the highest order.”

In the picture above, we can see one of Bernini’s more famous sculptures “The Rape of Proserpina”. The way that Bernini uses the element of shape by having defined contours and rounded edges in the marble really gives life to the sculpture. If you zoom in to the photo you can even see how the hands indent the “flesh” of the women further giving a sense of realism and intensity to the piece.

What made Bernini stand out was the energy his sculptures gave off. They were shots of action frozen in time unlike the regular posed and stoic sculptures that were usually seen.

Bernini created new styles of art and was a true Renaissance man. I believe it is important for children and educators in early childhood to be aware of the innovators in the art world to show them that there are no limits and no real rules to what can condone art. Going outside of “the norms” is where the best work is made and Bernini proved this through his timeless creations.

The Element of Shape – The form and the defined lines that make up an object. It can also be the contrasting of two areas in the forms of colour or texture.

-Lauren Kowalczk


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